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Getting to Know Ron Cross

Getting to Know Ron Cross

Ron Cross is a property investor from Australia, that has been acknowledged for the extreme real estate boom down under. He began this firm over two decades ago, with a precise and determined plan in mind. He wanted to put Australia on the map as being the top of the line trusted and most turned to property investment firms.

As CEO of Parkrent, Ron Cross at has established an organization that handles every aspect of the real estate market. This ranges from buying, selling and investing right down to real estate management. He has many years of experience in the industry, and utilizes his knowledge to expand the wealth of property owners and investors throughout Australia. Ron Cross had a vision of creating more than just a real estate property and management firm, he wanted to build an empire that focuses on all avenues of real estate.

He believes in making things happen and that he has done throughout his career. According to some sites, now is the perfect time to start investing in property in Australia as it costs next to nothing. Ron Cross shows how to do this, while maximizing all opportunities available. 

Aside from being an expert real estate agent, Ron Cross provides mentorship through seminars all across the globe. He focuses on assisting real estate investors achieve their dreams and attain financial success. He oversees a total of 4 companies, provides leadership and management skills to all his followers, while upholding continued integrity throughout the industry. Ron Cross invites anyone with interest in property investment, to take a look at what his knowledge, experience and expertise can do for you.

Skymorials Free Online Memorials Overview


The internet has changed the way almost every business interacts with its customers. One way that is starting to change is the memorial business. For thousands of years, people had a memorial service for someone that had passed away by having a service and buying a nice head stone where they were buried. However, no matter what the quality of the head stone over time it would decay and the memory would be lost forever. All of that is changing with the free online memorials that are now available. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a traditional one, the free online memorials that are now available are a great option for a permanent memorial for those that deserve honor.

Why Online

There are many reasons to choose free online memorials online by over a traditional memorial. First of all, is obviously the cost is going to much less than a traditional one. In addition, a person using free online memorials is going to have a lot more lee way in what is on the memorial than a typical one. For typical memorials, there are only a certain amount of versions that can be selected, and then the person must wait for them to be made. At the end of the day, a memorial is something that should both honor the person that has passed on and should be unique and stand out. With free online memorials, this is a great way to do just that. For those that are interested in using free online memorials, there is plenty of information online about how to design and implement free online memorials in the most efficient way possible. If you have someone in your life that has passed away that you want to honor, start using our free online memorials today and get a unique design that will never go away or erode like a traditional memorial will.

The Benefits of Taking an RCG Course Sydney

The Benefits of Taking an RCG Course Sydney

There are now specific rules in place throughout Australia that require those working a venue where gambling takes place to learn more about responsible gambling. The requirements differ state by state, but one of the requirements that some may need to meet is to take an RCG course Sydney. With an RCG course Sydney, you will receive a certificate that shows that you have completed the course, and the certificate is valid for as long as five years. This certificate comes with many benefits that you can enjoy. 

Before you sign up for your Catch Training RCG course Sydney –, you can learn more about the various benefits. First, the same certificate is needed for you to work in all venues where gambling takes place. This means that if you change jobs and decide to apply to work at a casino, a restaurant, a hotel or another venue that has even a single slot machine or a couple of pokies, you will be certified to work in that establishment. You never know what the future may bring, and the certificate enables you to quickly move into a new job position without having to rush to get certified. 

In addition, through your RCG course Sydney, you may also be certified to work elsewhere in Australia. Many states have similar requirements, and the certificates are generally transferable. Before you relocate and apply for a new position, it is important to review the requirements and guidelines. However, in most cases, the time that you invested in your RCG course Sydney may be transferred to another job position in a different state if you need to relocate. 

The certificate that you earn from your RCG course Sydney only takes a few hours of time for you to earn, and there are different educational formats and locations for you to choose from. After you have passed the course, the certificate enables you to take advantage of several opportunities. Consider exploring the class options available to you today if you have learned that you need to take an RCG course Sydney.rcg courses

Putting a Car Finance Calculator to Work for You

Putting a Car Finance Calculator to Work for You

When you are preparing to make a major purchase, such as when buying a new or used vehicle, you want to take every step possible to make your purchase affordable. Everything from the amount of your down payment and how much money you get for your trade-in to the interest rate you qualify for will impact your monthly payments from your auto loan. This will then have an impact on your budget for several years until your car loan is paid off. When you use a car finance calculator, you can have greater control over your car loan payment. 

There are several car finance calculator – 123 carz options for you to choose from online. Some are rather basic in their design. For example, one car finance calculator may simply generate a monthly loan payment for you when you input an interest rate, loan term and loan amount. Another car finance calculator may give you spaces to input your current vehicle payoff amount, the trade-in value, the additional down payment amount you plan to make and more. These can yield more accurate, detailed results for you.

When you are using a car finance calculator, it is imperative that you input a realistic interest rate for your car loan. You can research car loan interest rates online right now, but bear in mind that advertised rates are typically reserved for those with excellent credit. If you have good or poor credit scores rather than excellent credit scores, you should use a higher interest rate when you use a car finance calculator. 

While your home mortgage or rental payment may be the largest expense that you are responsible for each month, your second highest expense is typically your auto loan payment. Because of this, you want to understand how different factors will impact your loan payment. Using a car finance calculator is a great step to take to learn more about how your payment is calculated, and it can also help you to make a more informed decision about which vehicle is most affordable for you to purchase.